Our Team

Project Leads

Debbie Laliberte Rudman, PhD, OT Reg.(Ont.), is a Professor in the School of Occupational Therapy and the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate Program (Occupational Science field) in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University. She applies critically-oriented qualitative approaches to examine how everyday occupations (encompassing the range of activities people need and want to do in order to maintain and optimize their lives, families and communities) and identities of individuals and collectives, particularly of groups who experience social and economic marginalization, are situated within socio-cultural, political, economic, and historical conditions. Dr. Rudman's work attends to the socio-political and discursive shaping of social issues and inequities, such as long-term unemployment and the extension of working lives, and raises awareness of the implications of re-configurations for how social issues come to be addressed and negotiated by individuals and through services. Dr. Rudman is the Principal Investigator for the Boundaries and Possibilities study. She can be reached at drudman@uwo.ca.  
Beccy Aldrich is an Associate Professor at Saint Louis University. She received her Bachelor of Science and Master of the Arts degrees in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California and her Doctor of Philosophy in Occupational Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research focuses on three primary areas: situations of occupational injustice, including long-term unemployment and everyday life in risk-immersed communities; the theoretical and Deweyan underpinnings of occupational science concepts; and the scholarship of teaching and learning in occupational science, particularly in relation to international educational collaborations. Dr. Aldrich leads up the St.Louis site of the Boundaries and Possibilities study. She can be reached at rebecca.aldrich@health.slu.edu.

Co-Investigators and Collaborators

John Griffiths completed his Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Western Ontario and his Masters of Counselling at Athabasca University, with a specialization in Career Counselling. He has worked as an Employment and Career Counsellor, a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, and a Psychotherapist. More recently he has taken on leadership roles in the non-profit sector and currently holds the position of Director Workforce Development, Employment Services and Training at Goodwill Industries Ontario Great Lakes. John's research interests encompass employment and career development as they interact with quality of life for individuals and communities. John is the lead community collaborator on the Boundaries and Possiblities study. He can be reached at jgriffiths@goodwillindustries.ca.  
Lilian Magalhaes is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Occupational Therapy at the Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil.  She lived in Canada for 15 years (from 2001 to 2016) and worked as an Associate Professor in the School of Occupational Therapy at Western University, where she now holds the position of Professor Emeritus. Dr Magalhaes’ work aims to understand how world views and beliefs’ systems are intertwined to shape the way we see ourselves and the others. Her research interests relate to vulnerable and “invisible” populations, with specific foci on diversity, immigration, working conditions, and occupational justice. Dr. Magalhaes is a co-investigator on the Boundaries and Possibilities study. She can be reached at lmagalhaes@ufscar.br.
Suzanne Huot is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at the University of British Columbia.  Dr. Huot received her PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (Occupational Science) at Western University, where she also received her MA and Honors BA in Geography. She is a member of the Canadian Society of Occupational Scientists and a board member of the International Society for Occupational Science. Her research interests include occupational science, international migration and integration, Francophone minority communities, and critical qualitative research methodologies. Dr Huot is a co-investigator on the Boundaries and Possibilities study. She can be reached at suzanne.huot@ubc.ca.

Past Team

John Grundy is a Postdoctoral Researcher from on the 'Boundaries and Possibilities in the Socio-Political Shaping of Unemployment' project in the School of Occupational Therapy, Western University. His research interests are labour market policy, public administration and equity policy. His current research focuses on the administration of the Employment Insurance program and employment standards enforcement in Ontario. 
Melanie Stone is a second year PhD student in the Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research at Western University. She is a PhD level trainee on the Boundaries and Possibilities in the Socio-Political Shaping of Unemployment project in the School of Occupational Therapy at Western University. Her interests involve feminist disability theory, accessibility policy, as well as motherhood and the impacts of employment and workfare policies on women with children.     
Awish Aslam is an MA student in the Department of Sociology at Western University, specializing in Migration and Ethnic Relations. Her research interests include school-work transitions, the labour market integration of immigrants, and the experiences of second-generation immigrant youth in Canada. 
Kate Whiting brings over nine years of experience in communications and public policy to the team. In the nonprofit sector she worked on improving historical health disparity and increasing access to reliable transit and non-motorized modes of transportation. Kate hails from Washington State, where she received her degree in Political Science from Washington State University, focusing on international relations. In her spare time Kate enjoys exploring St. Louis by bike and volunteering at Great Rivers Greenway. 
Heidi Moore Banos has both her BS and MS in Criminal Justice. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Social and Public Policy at St. Louis University. Along with being a Recognized Associate Substance Abuse Counselor II, she is a trained facilitator in "Makin' It Work" and "Moral Reconation Therapy". Heidi has worked in both the government and the non-profit sector. She has worked with individuals in the criminal justice system for over 13 years, she continues to serve on numerous boards and committees. Heidi's research interests are sex offender, corrections, and prisoner re-entry polices. 
Caroline Baird is a MOT student in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at Saint Louis University. A community member in St. Louis, Caroline has experienced first-hand the injustices associated with long-term unemployment. Past courses she has taken have focused on critical perspectives of culture and the development of occupation across the lifespan. Caroline will receive her undergraduate degree in Occupational Science in May of 2016 from Saint Louis University.    
Carlo Fanelli received his PhD in Sociology and Political Economy from Carleton University; MA in Sociology, and BA in Political Science and Sociology from York University. His interests are in work and labour markets, public policy and administration, sub/urban and regional governance, comparative political economy and social inequality, broadly defined. He maintains a collection of his writing at www.carlofanelli.org, and can be reached on Twitter @carlofanelli.