Academic Publications

• Aldrich, R., & Laliberte Rudman, D. (2015). Situational Analysis: A Visual Analytic Approach that Unpacks the Complexity of Occupation. Journal of Occupational Science, 23(1), 1-16.


• Summary Sheet #1 – Understanding Long-Term Unemployment and How to Move Forward: Learning from Key Stakeholders in the London, Ontario Region

• Summary Sheet #2 – Long-Term Unemployment: Its Causes, Consequences and How to Move Forward in St. Louis, Missouri

• Summary Sheet #3 – Tackling Long-Term Unemployment Through New Investments in Public Transportation: Insights from St. Louis, Missouri and London, Ontario

• Summary Sheet #4 – The Promises and Perils of Online-only Job Seeking: Experiences from London, Ontario and St. Louis, Missouri.



• SLU Magazine, Research Report Interview with Rebecca Aldrich

• Infographic – Road to Employment

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